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Originally Posted by artic1337
If Cryptic were to hire you to design a ship, what canon (or soft canon / non canon) ships would you base them off of? Extra points for links to Memory Alpha or any other site that has Star Trek ship designs on it. I'm especially interested in any candidates for the Sci Vessel with Lt Comm Tactical station . . . I'd really love something like that for my main Captain.
I would design a T3.5 and T5 Retrofit Ambassador Class. The T5 Ambassador Refit would be equipped with (1) Engineering Slot, (1) Tac Slot, (1) Science Slot, and (2) Universal Slots. (As to what ranking each Boff slot would be, I would ask for a vote from Ambassadors on DS9), or I would make a forum poll where each STO registered user may vote once.

The Ambassador is a Cruiser, so it should have 2 Eng Slots, however, given the "canon information" Yesterday's Enterprise available, with sound maneuverability (as mentioned by Tasha Yar), 2 Tactical slots, would make sense. But it was also an exploration vessel, so 2 Science Slots would also make sense. Therefore, I would make the ship's "special ability" 2 Universal Slots where the player could customize themselves to create the right ship for them. Of course, to keep it from getting too lopsided, there would be an ambassador or forum user poll to determine what rankings these 2 Universal Boff slots would have.

In my opinion, I think something like this would energize the fans base make them feel like they are part of the process, bring a new missing ship into the game, and be a nice alternative to someone who cannot afford a Galaxy X, or like myself, just does not like the Galaxy class in general, but already has an Excelsior, or wants to use a nice alternative. This would fill the ship cruiser tree in nicely to have a "flex" alternative.

If this went over well, I would probably use a similar process when designing a T5 Akira Class.

There are probably just as many "haters" of the Ambassador Class as there are fans of it, so I can just HEAR the negative feedback from this already, and i haven't even hit the SEND button yet. Before commenting, keep in mind, I chose the Ambassador Class because it is something not currently in the game and would bridge a gap (in my opinion), of the current cruiser options. I almost like the concept as much with an Akira Class too. or even, a new ship to the game New Orleans Class anyone)?