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11-30-2011, 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Maziken
Thanks for the review! Thanks for letting me know about the "UGC Contact" thing. I honestly thought that was just how it worked in the Foundry similar to how the NPCs won't actually do their Wander until the mission is published.

I will definitely stop Flotter from wandering so much and I'll clean up the confusion when you talk to both he and the Tree Monster.

I did want to make a small mention as to why I put both the first Bridge scene and the Deck 2 scene in there. I wanted to create more a Trek feel in terms of actually being the Captain of a ship. It always irked me that you would just approach a planet and then what? Beam down directly from the bridge? I just thought these two maps would give the mission a little more of a TV episode feel to them. I will definitely add a bit more "life" to those two maps, though.

Thank you again for your review, it is greatly appreciated!
Glad I could help.

The maps are a nice touch, but if the player doesn't do anything except go the next map they may get a little annoyed. That is why I suggested adding even a little more interaction on those two maps. Otherwise very nicely done.

Thanks again for authoring