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11-30-2011, 05:20 PM
Phyrexian is right, Cryptic uses a linear speed model instead of a logarithimic speed system. In-game, the MACO Engine is no better than regular warp at VA, but in Trek it would be 20x faster.

I personally find it ironic that the Old Borg Engine is Warp 14, and the MACO Engine is supposed to be better yet significantly slower. :p

As for the differences in warp scales.

Pre-TOS to TOS, warp speeds were far slower than TNG speeds, so Warp 14 in TOS was like Warp 7 in the TNG era with the discovery of the warp threshold.

In Future Trek with "Warp 13" "Warp 14", they are using Transwarp, which is significantly higher warp speeds. For instance in TNG Trek it would be refered to as Warp 9.999999 and Warp 9.9999999. Closer to the barrier, yet not crossing it.