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11-30-2011, 06:37 PM
I felt the need to highlight the particular bullet point due to the prior comment of leveling being too fast as well as where most of the C-Store ships are at the moment (both with and without console as it stand now on holodeck, excluding shuttlecraft/fighters).

Tier 1 (4 ships)

Tier 2 (3 ships)
-Rhode Island

Tier 3 (2 ships)

Tier 4 (5 ships)


Tier 5 (15 ships)
-MVAM Prometheus


I can see why there'd be a push to get people to Tier 5 since there are more ships in that tier than all the other tiers combined. What does that mean for the other tiers though with this new leveling curve? If Tiers 1 and 2 are to go by quickly, then you have those 7 ships becoming little more than "Oooh, shiny!" items.

Moving on from there, we get into tiers 3 and 4. Both are pretty thin as far as C-Store ships go, which is where the bulk of time leveling is going to take place. I could understand there being more options here for C-Store ships, but there just aren't any at the moment.

Unless there's some sort of sustainability that's being planned for the lower tier ships, I mean something beyond what we have now from current x.5 ships, there's no incentive for anyone to buy a lower tier ship. I'd really hate to see something like the Exeter, a ship that looks awesome to me, not get any love from C-Store patrons because it's not going to be worth the purchase.