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11-30-2011, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Updated to the in-game ship store to show missing C-Store ships:
    • Fed Lieutenant: Connie, Oberth, NX
    • Fed Captain: Defiant +1
    • Fed VA: Galaxy Dreadnaught
    • Klingon Commander: SuQob Raptor
    • Klingon Captain: Puyjaq Raptor
  • Renamed all the Sao Paulo parts from "Plus One" to Sao Paulo.
  • Altered the Pach and Puyjaq costumes:
    • They both show up in the tailor.
    • They both have valid preset options.
    • All materials and windows for these ships change together in the tailor now.
  • All the windows for Ch'Tang bird of prey will now change together.
  • The Bellerophon and Thunderchild ships now use the correct icon in the C-store.
  • The Pach Raptor Refit no longer uses the Koroítíinga art in the C-store.
  • Changed map zoom levels for sector space based on the Sirius Sector.
  • Added appropriate icons for sprint, crouch, aim and roll.
  • Added icons for Veteran reward buffs.
  • Updated text for Tour the Galaxy event to make it clear you need to hit every sector in a sector block to get credit.
  • Updated the Crafting event so Feds can transwarp to Memory Alpha and Klingons can warp to QoínoS.
  • Removed some asteroids from the Lackey System to help with performance
  • Edited the button text for the first door to Celes in War is Good for Business.
  • Minor emote updates to address issue with enlarged eyes.
  • Updated Aceton Field so it correctly debuffs the targets' damage and not its damage resistance.
  • Added art updates for Tetryon Space weapons FX.
  • Added art optimization updates for Phaser Space Beam weapons FX.

Duty Officers:
  • Slotting duty officers of green or higher quality will now increase the numeric rewards of an assignment by 5%, 10% or 20% per slotted officer.
  • Reduced numeric rewards by approximately 10% across the board to take into account new quality bonuses.
  • Resolved mis-gendered naming issues with female human duty officers.
  • Disabled Reassignment assignments in favor of new mechanic which allows any "Dismissed" duty officer to grant rewards for.
  • Swapped out several duty officers in the commendation store on the Federation side for Counselors to better match their commendation categories.
  • Re-rigged Colonial Expansion, Prisoner Exchange, and Diagnostic assignments to work better with the new math.
  • Fixed Surgical Alteration assignments which were referencing incorrect reward tables.
  • Fixed bad slotting issues with Interrogate/Debrief Prisoner assignments.
  • Added Recruitment CXP rewards to cadre recruitment assignments.
  • Made commendation rewarded duty officers unique.
  • Added distinct title text for commendation tiering accolades to remove appearance of duplicative accolades.

Known Issues:
  • Increased rewards based on using uncommon, rare, or very rare doffs on assignments are not being properly adjusted yet.
  • The Exocomp and Gekli C-store items will be temporarily unavailable.
  • The Borg bridge officers will be temporarily unavailable in the C-store.
  • The Defiant Retrofit, Galaxy Retrofit, Intrepid Retrofit, Nebula Refit, and Bírel Retrofit cannot be reclaimed if you discharge them.
    • Nor can they be claimed on alternate characters.
  • The Puyjaq cannot be reclaimed via the ship store if discharged.
    • It can be reclaimed via the C-store, however.
  • Some of the Klingon ships display with the incorrect images in the ship store.
  • The Sao Paulo is missing its hull strength indicator UI.
  • The SuQob and Puyjaq Raptors have some identity issues:
    • If you purchase the SuQob Raptor from the ship vendor, you will be unable to purchase the Puyjaq Raptor.
    • If you purchase the Puyjaq Raptor from the ship vendor, you will be unable to purchase the SuQob Raptor.
    • Both ships are available correctly via the C-store.
The Vor'Kang can still not be purchased and does not show up if you use the C-Store UI, it only shows up with the vessel vendors but never fully loads