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11-30-2011, 08:01 PM
Originally Posted by Superluminous
You've obviously not heard the interviews with Stormshade.

There are also specific comments made by multiple Cryptic employees who stated that the game needed progression to be slowed by some artificial means, due to the ability to max level in a weekend.

How can you fail to not see what is so obvious.
I think they quite apparently came down on the side of faster leveling, more endgame progression being slowed.

And I think that was inevitable for two reasons:

- Faster leveling makes it easier to finish the KDF and add more factions since it means less missions between level 1 and the cap.

- They're a small team. If they're going to focus on endgame content, they need to be able to "close the book" on leveling content. They need to be free to assume everyone is max level.