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11-30-2011, 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I think they quite apparently came down on the side of faster leveling, more endgame progression being slowed.

And I think that was inevitable for two reasons:

- Faster leveling makes it easier to finish the KDF and add more factions since it means less missions between level 1 and the cap.

- They're a small team. If they're going to focus on endgame content, they need to be able to "close the book" on leveling content. They need to be free to assume everyone is max level.
While I'd prefer they did not take this route, you make two good points here. For the past year and a half game direction has been torn between finishing what wasn't finished and looking to the future. It would be nice to only look to the future for a while.

On a personal level I prefer having more leveling content to endgame content. That doesn't appeal to everyone, but I find that having a lot of content at endgame means its going to be tied to a currency/gear system to encourage people to run it, whereas in leveling you are compelled to run it.

I can certainly understand why people would rather level up and then engage the content. I feel it devalues the whole reason to have an experience system in the first place.