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12-01-2011, 12:38 AM
Testing SW:TOR over the Thanksgiving Weekend was a great experience. Game was very clean, hardly any bugs that I noticed beyond what they had in the known issues list. Story was very enjoyable and some times shockingly awesome and brutal. (Hi Dark side sith!)

I look foward to playing the heck out of the game for my free month I'll get with my Pre-order of the game. And if I get lucky to be able to subscribe for longer, I'll play it since I'm paying for it. Other wise I'll still have my F2P games (DDO, Champions Online, DCUO) And my Life time sub here on STO that goes F2P in a Month and change.. So SWTOR is an awesome experience one that I'm sure they will grow on. Let's just hope Bioware grows it in the right way.