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This not the same as what is available at C-Store. My idea is the ability to refit any ship to upgrade it to the next class above. Say if you like your Akira class, but you become a captain and you have to be pried from your captain's chair to get the new ship. I would like to see the option to refit our Akira to the next class to be upgraded with the stats and weapon slots and bridge officer slots. The same idea as they did to refit the Enterprise for the movies to NCC-1701 A. They gave the Enterprise all the new current tech and all that.

I just like the look of my Akria Class and I really want to hold onto it, but I guess seems useless since the ships for your appropriate rank are better. So I thought of this. The only thing different really is the look of the ships and their stats and it has been shown the ships can look like anything.

Now, to balance it out, the refits should not be free. Not like getting commissioned the next class of ship for your rank. But a cost appropriate for the work to refit. And maybe the ship is unavailable for a week or something until it's refitted to something possibly the same or close to the same stats as the ships of that rank. And also should not be and to refit the ship from an Escort to a Cruiser or Science Vessel either.

Just my two cents. I just really love my Akira and am saddened it looks a lot better to me than the ships at the end of the Escort line.