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12-01-2011, 07:24 AM
This is exactly what I'm thinking. I have an Akira class myself, and I bought an NX class because I'm a fan of the Enterprise series. Not to mention, I actually put some thought into my ship names, and It won't let you keep the same name and registry and just add a letter to it. That's lame. Suppose I like my NX class look and just want a more powerful hull, warp core, and an extra bridge officer ability? I don't see the harm in being able to either spend money to upgrade an older ship, OR use your promotion to refit/reconstruct your old ship. My old NX class was named the USS Terra Prime. Since its retarded that I can't keep the same registry and name I called my Akira the USS Terra Prime Alpha. Still its bs. I'd like to refit my NX thank you.