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12-01-2011, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by Rehpic View Post
This behavior is a side effect of the way our account server handles currency chaining. It is something I would like to fix but is somewhat complicated, so I'm not sure exactly when it will happen.

We don't get to recognize the revenue for C-points on our team until they are actually spent in the C-Store. Just moving the points into our game doesn't count.

Also I can confirm that STO specific points are always used before generic c-points that can be used for all games.
So, if I use the DL/CP Exchange system as intended by Cryptic, does that mean that when I sell CP's and buy Dilithium, this will automatically (and always) use up my STO points first and foremost and then warn me if I'm using my general CP's before I'm about to tap into them?

Because if not, we've got a problem!