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# 1 One shotted by a warbird
12-01-2011, 08:24 AM
The other day on tribble i was playing the hobus mission (forget the actual name of the mission) and after finding the reman shield on hobus 1 you have to fight the reman warbird again. It grabbed me in a tractor beam and one shotted me with a spread of plasma torpedoes. It was AWESOME!

That puts the fear of a warbird in you. Many normal missions such as exploration are fairly easy even on advanced. This was not. It took planning and a fair degree of tactics on advanced to defeat the reman warbird in my sci ship. So I wanted to say thanks and a job well done!

While there may be a few scaling issues with playing on advanced and ground combat, especially against the klingons. (read: I got my Boffs handed to me several times) It is all quite doable and fun. The only point of contention I have is when doing exploration missions and the final group of npcs on a ship map smacks you down hard you respawn at the start and have to run all the way back just to get smacked down once or twice more. Any chance of a respawn closer to the end on those maps?

Still, loving the game!