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12-01-2011, 09:52 AM
after the fiasco that was the forum fire when it was first found out what was going to happen they backed down, but apparently that was simply to calm people down so they could then stealthily put it in there anyway and try to make us buy our power back and have to use mutliple consoles to get the same damn thing we had already paid real life money for. Well i can now put any money that would have gone to the cstore into other gaming purposes and just have to make due with my stipend. I have no intention of paying real life money for product that they may decide to force me to buy a second time when the feel like it.

I will continue to play STO on and off for as long as i can stand it, but they will be very hard pressed to obtain any further funds from me. And i sure as heck won't be bothering with any future games released by craptic studios. I don't give a rats butt about the legal mumbo jumbo stating they can do what ever they please with THEIR digital product. when i pay real life money for goodies and they decide to later change said goodies that ****es me the hell off. Why would ANYONE buy something knowing full well that it may be changed later down the road? I didn't buy my mustang so that the dealership can later tow it and give me a pinto instead. yeah they have the RIGHT to do what ever they want, but from a business stand point its akin to shooting themselves in the foot......but they've already done it so i expect they'll do it again in the future at the drop of a hat.