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12-01-2011, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by Direphoenix View Post
The F2P Devblog announcing Season 5 came out yesterday at 5:12pm, and Rehpic posted yesterday at 5:18pm that they "just got out of a meeting" deciding to approve the push of the Tribble build to Holodeck.

I'm wondering if the patch notes that got posted were just the notes they had on hand from the previous TRIBBLE builds and slapped them together real fast (especially since the order/organization of the note categories seem a little incongruent) so they could have some notes up.

Although I remember the post that said that they were not going to change the Excelsior transwarps from the way they were originally, I don't recall that appearing in any patch notes.

BTW, did anyone actually get/use the Excelsior (T3 or T5) on Tribble after that announcement, or are we just /twitchscreaming about it from the notes without actually seeing if/how it actually works?
Seeing how the server just came back... the answer is NO.

Originally Posted by SatansHell View Post
I dont know why, but i am sure I read somewhere that if you allready bought the T5 excelsior and nebula, you get the T3 version for free?

Or was I dreaming? :p
I also remember reading that, so YES.

It does seem that some of the patch notes are COPY & PASTE in nature...

SOON... we will know.

77% DL'd.... I'm kinda excited... hope it lasts AFTER I'm back in game.