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12-01-2011, 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by nynik

While I'd prefer they did not take this route, you make two good points here. For the past year and a half game direction has been torn between finishing what wasn't finished and looking to the future. It would be nice to only look to the future for a while.

On a personal level I prefer having more leveling content to endgame content. That doesn't appeal to everyone, but I find that having a lot of content at endgame means its going to be tied to a currency/gear system to encourage people to run it, whereas in leveling you are compelled to run it.

I can certainly understand why people would rather level up and then engage the content. I feel it devalues the whole reason to have an experience system in the first place.
It does but I think experience systems in MMOs are a bit flawed to begin with.

I'm in large measure an Explorer on the Bartle type index of gamers and so I'd really like to see more progression in the vein of something like the multiple endings in Catherine, Arkham, or Bioshock.

That is to say, my ideal system would give the player very little info. No charts of specs. On the flipside, no choices would be significantly weaker than others. And power upgrades would come in the form of gear, which identifies itself qualitatively, choices (which don't necessarily tell you what the effects will be), and procedural improvements. (Doing something more makes you better at it.)

I realize you can't have choices like whether to kill Franklin Drake for real because everyone plays in a shared environment to some extent but following the Catherine model, we could have points where we express how we feel about certain things.Like mandatory Counseling sessions, debriefings with Quinn, interviews with Temporal Investigations. And the way you answer questions could organically spec your character on the backend. So you're never looking at hard numbers or s skill screen but instead puzzling out how to answer questions and engage with characters.