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Originally Posted by CaptainGeko
BTW, if you bought the T5 excelsior, you should be able to continue to claim the both the T5 and T3 variant. Only going forward will they be sold separately (BTW, the T5 Excelsior is getting reverted on Tribble to the way it is on holodeck now. You may have to discard your tribble T5 Excelsior and reclaim it to fix it. The T3 Excelsior is just plain getting better. This change to the T5 Excelsior is not in yet, but it's on its way). In fact, any item that changed from an account unlock to a character unlock, or any purchase that gave you something in the past that it no longer gives you (like the T5/T3 Excelsior and Nebula bundles) will be honored, and was always planned to be honored, and nothing less was ever implied.
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I've purchased the Nebula and Excelsior (Advanced Heavy Cruiser) Retrofits from the CStore. So, per this post, I logged in today expecting to see the T3 versions unlocked in the CStore as promised. They are not. Instead they are sitting there saying I haven't purchased them. I also checked Legacy unlocks as well, and they're not available there either. Talk about broken trust...

Is this an oversight (I hope) or intended ?