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12-01-2011, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by Simale
I stand corrected, it seems many players can't wait to give you their money.
No matter how much you ignore us and fail to deliver.
No. There are some of us that are not overly cynical, but instead are informed and understanding.

We know and understand the following:
  1. Perpetual tanked and transferred the IP to Cryptic, with no code. CBS said this license expires in two years and to get on it or else.
  2. Cryptic was forced to rush the game and released it in 2 years (WoW took 4 to 5 years for initial release)
  3. Atari........
  4. Atari........ Are you listening?
  5. The sale from Atari to PWE.... it was like a month where it was a ghost town(This is normal for big acquisitions)
  6. After PWE bought the joint, they threw the brakes on whatever and started working on what you saw hit tribble after they wiped it. You don't think that took them a week to make it did you? Hello!?!?! McFly?!?!!?
  7. 3 Months of F2P Beta testing and development.
  8. And here we are it's Dec 1st....

Now.... If these boys had full reigns to do what they please.... with CBS not telling them they had to get the game out or else, or a parent company sucking the life out of them.... The following might have happened instead and I would not have to see all this nonsense on the forums:
  1. The game would be coming out soon or might have just been released.... and would be better since they could focus on development and not maintaining and developing it for the last two years....
  2. You wouldn't have all these broken promises because they wouldn't be getting jerked around by a parent company that just wants to take the money and run. You wouldn't have to go through the total PIA of an acquisition.
  3. Would would have seen fully developed faction since they would have more development time and resources.
  4. Cryptic would be changing gears constantly because of all the problems mentioned previously. You think we are mad.... I bet the devs haven't loved it either.

These guys have been dealt a bad hand and they are doing their best to get out of it now that they can. I'm buying my life time sub because it's Star Trek,. not because I'm worried that getting 15 alts is now going to be tougher.

Sometimes they tell us things and they don't happen or happen differently because everything they tell us is not fed through a PR machine. If it was, you would know nothing until the second it drops and you would have no input.

Imagine a popular cell phone company who's favorite color is red running these forums:
  • Forum Mod on a Wednesday "We don't know anything about a Defiant +1, it's the first I've heard of it.
  • Forum Mod a week later: Hey look at this new Defiant +1 that we are so very proud to release today.... we have been working on it for 3 months!