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  • Events now properly run on every instance of the intended map, not just the first one.
  • Added more specific text about which queues the player will be banned from when a leaver penalty is enabled.
  • Addressed an issue with the ship store where the filmstrip image would not match the text for the displayed ship.
  • City on the Edge of Never: BíVat no longer cowers from Miralís threats.
  • The Sao Paulo ship now has a hull strength indicator.
  • The Borg bridge officers are back in the C-store.
  • Players cannot join or create queue games while they are on any queue maps.
  • While on a mission map, the Transwarp icon in the mission tracker now appears disabled.
  • Using uncommon, rare, or very rare doffs on assignments now properly increase rewards earned on successful assignments.
  • The signage in ESD has been tweaked.
  • Players can once again drag, adjust, and move powers in their space and ground power trays.
  • Powers will now update properly when swapping bridge officer seating.
  • The Puyjaq in the legacy tab of the C-Store now properly gives the Puyjaq when reclaimed.
  • Only one version of any ship will show up in the in game ship stores.