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I know I should have read that description better, but I"M REALLY dissapointed that you can't use the Ch'tang skin on my T5 BoP! Its frame and structure looks soo similar to the T5 alt Variant BoP I had always assumed it was made for it as well!

Are they're plans to make this available at a later date, I like the design and matches well with the other designs, shame to waste it on some T4 ship that someone will be on for like 2 days.

For the record, don't care much for the 4winged attack bop, but the Ch'tang looks great...sad panda....

EDIT: I want the devs to allow me to use the CH'tang skin on my HAJ t5 bop, as they're so similar, and looks way worse than this t4 beauty, Going from captain to BG should be depressing, like upgrading from a Porche to a '95 buick...