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Originally Posted by SBCouto View Post
'The Gauntlet Daily'

I have a quick daily mission up for Klingons looking at having a quick but fun/challanging mission to play for their 3 dailies.

I need to get at least the first five test reviews in so that it goes live.

The mission is a gauntlet that you must pass through with secrets all over the place.
It should be fun to replay as you might see something new, but once the five reviews are done, I'll actually be changing the gauntlet between seven or so different designs so that it trully is different when you play it.

PLEASE try it out and give feedback so that I can improve what might not be working well.

Klingon Mission - The Gauntlet Daily
Author: SBCouto
Allegiance: Klingon
Project ID: ST-HEFBQDL79

----------Report Start-----------

Summary: This is a great daily mission concept. The map design is excellent and the dialog was really well done. The battles are tough but not impossible to beat. If you are planning on updating this regularly it will make it even more interesting to come back and play again and again. I would recommend this mission to anyone who likes a good map design and glorious battles.

Below are a couple of items I noted while playing the mission that I wanted to let you know about. Everything in this write up should be seen as suggestions on ways I felt you could improve certain elements of the mission. They are yours to do with as you see fit.

Mission Description: This is a nice detailed description. I noted no spelling or grammatical errors.

Grant Mission Dialog: This dialog is well written. I noted no spelling or grammatical errors with this dialog.

Mission Task: This gives a clear location for the start of the first custom map.

Mission Entry Prompt: This is a good use of the prompt. I noted no spelling or grammatical errors with this dialog.

The Gauntlet: This is a great map design. Figuring out the layers is a fun little twist. I noted no issues with the map. I noted a couple of items to consider changing:
-The "Speak to Grin't Rahk'zi" dialog; consider changing the response button "Say that after I gauge your eyes from your head" to read "Say that after I gouge your eyes from your head".
-Consider changing "You all from the Empire aren't big on prisoners" to read "The Empire isn't big on prisoners".

---------End Report----------

Thanks again for authoring and for giving me the chance to review your work. You did a great job with this mission.

This critique report also filed 12/01/2011 on forum posting for: Qwark KDF Infiltrate ESD.