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12-02-2011, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Not true . Your Defiant run circles around my Hegh'ta the other day in Ker'rat. Other Defiants ran circle around it in the dogfighting last night in Ker'rat.
Wolfpacks are always lethal and do not point to OPness.

In fact I played for about 5 hours last night in K, on two toons and found that the combat was evenly matched and the win usaully went to whom had the best support and team play.
Sometimes it was feds, sometimes it was Klinks.
Nobody got rolled continiuosly or stomped without the ability to defend themselves and the Solo fights tended to be won by those with more experience in build design or pvP in general.

It was the most balanced I've seen fights in a long time. Everybody gave their best.
It was a blast!!

I will agree, the fighting appeared to be an almost equal give and take. Now, in a couple of weeks when the more veteran players tweak thier skills and the other players don't adapt.......