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12-02-2011, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by Joseph.B
Mostly a solid build. You will have better DPS and defense by changing the following:

Engineer Console:
Field Generator Mk XI (Blue)
SIF Generator Mk XI (Blue) --> Neutronium Alloy
Inertial Dampener Mk XI (Blue) --> EPS Flow Regulator

Science Consoles:
Biofunction Monitor Mk XI (Blue) --> Assimilated module
Point Defense System Turret --> Impulse Capacitance Cell

Tactical Consoles:
Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI (Blue) --> Phaser Relay XI (Blue)/ Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI (Blue
Warhead Yield Chamber Mk XI (Blue) --> Phaser Relay XI (Blue)
Prefire Chamber Mk XI (Blue) --> Phaser Relay XI (Blue)
Impulse Capacitance Cell --> Phaser Relay XI (Blue)

If you do the math, each Phaer Relay nets you approximately 12% damage. WIth even 3 Relays you're getting 36% damage all the time. The assimilated Relay gives you a lot of perks including +5 to weapons. Probably the best power bonus console in the game now since the latest patch. Plus you could get some of the "Legacy" borg set items for very little time/cost by doing the special task force missions. You could then run the borg engines and console for an extra hull heal and 10% bonus to your defense from the Aegis.

As for the Zero Point Quantum Chamber, IF you really think the extra punch is worth it go for it, but you have to figure that your beams and cannons are active prolly 90% of the time in one form or another on target. Just my 2 cents.
Are the Phaser relays percentage based now? If so 3 x + 12% isn't +36%. its + 40.5%. Unless they have enacted a LDR into the formula.