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12-02-2011, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by acook59 View Post
Hey guys,

Does anyone know of a really good guide for crafting a research? I really wanna get the aegis shield array but i'm not really sure how the research thing works. Are you able to research with items directly from your bank or do they all have to be in your inventory?
Yes, you can research using the Data Samples and Particle Traces that are in your Bank. You do not have to have them in your Inventory.

I'm not sure about the new system, with the Dilithium costs and all, but in the old system it was best to start your crafting by making a bunch of schematics. You'll need them later so that you can craft everything else. I generally start by crafting 5 of each schematic. This gets you a good jump on the crafting skill levels and sets you up for your crafting of items for some time. After that it's just a matter of crafting items you think you can use or sell on the Exchange until you hit the cap. Beware the Dilithium costs though. They get higher as the gear you are crafting gets better.