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12-02-2011, 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by The-Doctor.
Optional Time Limits in STFs to get Salvage - Understandably this is a game element you have chosen to implement, to artificially create a harder STF.
Strange thing to say considering the STFs are a LOT easier than they were in S4. You basically had a time limit on many of those already. Time limit until you were overwhelmed and failed the mission. New STF time limit applies only to the OPTIONAL group loot bag that can contain rare/very rare items or salvage.

Salvage only drops one and you need/greed/pass on it? - I am probably wrong on this one, and I hope I am, the community will correct me if I'm wrong.
Everyone gets one EDC (the green currency unit you use to buy almost everything). Optionally you can get 1-2 rare salvages (to buy standard [Borg] gear) or even borg tech drop. Enemies in STFs also have a very small chance of dropping those. Need if you need them (why wouldn't you?).

Remove Dilithium Refinement cap - This one has been argued since it was introduced on tribble, but the cap of 8,000 dilithium a day is unacceptable for silver/gold/lifetime members.
It would make no sense to drop it now. The purpose is to reduce the flow of Dilithium into the system. Gold members already get the bonus of not having to log in every day to refine their Dilithium.

Edit: Obviously I agreed on the other points.