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12-02-2011, 11:10 AM
Only one such person is suitable: Dwight Schultz, AKA Reginald "Barking Dawg" Endicott M'F'in' Barkley. Dude's metal. Don't P him O, he's got akimbo phaser gats. He'll make you eat a photon torpedo untill you're pooping phase-shifted gamma rays. He'll make a holo-image of you and put it down faster than you can say 'tachyon quantum fragment particulate residue.' And then he'll do things to it that shouldn't be physically possible. And make you watch. He's the CNR of TNG.

But seriously. Yeah, I have a soft spot for Reg Barkley. Because of that I don't think I want to see him get roped into doing anything with STO.