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12-02-2011, 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by The-Doctor.
I don't mind optionals, but I feel they should be extra things you have to do, and not timed, is my argument.
If they were not timed there would be no challenge in getting them. For example Infected Ground optional is saving all 10 officers from being assimilated. It's definitely not easy with a pug. Optional bag can't contain EDCs or Borg Tech anyway (at least I haven't seen them).

But that's the point, everyone will be needing them, so what's the point then? I think it should drop one for everyone.
Considering how previously bossed dropped only one item (e.g. weapon or kit) it's a huge improvement. You are always guaranteed to get loot. If anything your beef is with the need/greed system. Everyone needing on gear they actually NEED is just like a random roll.

Edit: Actually considering how selfish some people are in Holodeck (as opposed to playing in Tribble) maybe a Roll/Pass system would be better.