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12-02-2011, 01:16 PM
Here is the post by Captain Gecko"

Ships will remain account unlock, not character unlock. That is the plan, and although plans do change, I find it very unlikely ships will change to character unlock. There was a time we considered making ships character unlocked. When we talked about it, we also considered making the ships less expensive to compensate. But we ultimately decided it was best to leave ships account unlocked.

However, we want to make as many c-store items as possible to be character unlocked. The reason is simple. We want people to be able to give/them to other players. Thatís good for everybody. This is not possible as an account unlock because it becomes too exploitable (I buy the item, trade it, re-claim it, repeat). Ships make much more sense to be account unlock since (besides the fact we actually donít currently have technology to trade ships) it is such a major investment, and such a game/balance changer that we want you to be able to make a new character, and then have access to all those ships you bought. Things like tribbles or pets are really not game/balance changers. They are fun, and make a lot of sense to let people trade/gift. Every C-store item was evaluated and was made as an account or character unlock on an individual basis based on various consideration.

So, some items will become character unlocked. For instance, I believe all Bridge Officers will work this way. Catian Boffs were released like this, and they work well. It allows players to trade/gift them. Other items will remain account unlock where it makes sense.

Please remember, if you earned or purchased one of these items - like the Fluidic tribble from playing on the test server, or the shuttle pet from a pre-order - it will remain yours. It will be bound to you, account unlocked, untradeable, and you can re-claim it if you discard it. Only new purchases will follow the new model. Going forward, we may award new items (say for playing on tribble, veterans rewards or for other reason) as account unlock items, but then sell them in the C-store, to players who did not earn them, as character unlock items.

BTW, if you bought the T5 excelsior, you should be able to continue to claim the both the T5 and T3 variant. Only going forward will they be sold separately (BTW, the T5 Excelsior is getting reverted on Tribble to the way it is on holodeck now. You may have to discard your tribble T5 Excelsior and reclaim it to fix it. The T3 Excelsior is just plain getting better. This change to the T5 Excelsior is not in yet, but it's on its way). In fact, any item that changed from an account unlock to a character unlock, or any purchase that gave you something in the past that it no longer gives you (like the T5/T3 Excelsior and Nebula bundles) will be honored, and was always planned to be honored, and nothing less was ever implied.

Please remember that Tribble is a test server where we are not only shaking out bug, but experimenting with different models and values. If you find something quirky, or have a question about something like this, or just plain donít like something, we very much look forward to hearing from you. But please remember to be respectful, and not jump to conclusions. So much is still in flux, and there is still a lot of work to do, and we very much need your help. But speculations just start rumors and it becomes very hard to find the real issues so we can resolve them, or get you the right information.

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-Captain Geko
and here is the link incase you thought I made this up :Captain Geckos post

It is said in this post that if you bought the T-5 ship, you would be getting the T-5 & T-3 ships after the switch to F2P, It is in the 5th paragraph.....