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Brandon, can you please have someone re-check all the space traits? It appears many traits, not just those of Joined Trill (which I also have found myself affect by), got dinged:

Efficiency for both Captains and BOs no longer gives any sort of visible bonus. When I look at the UI my Captain's space skills don't reflect any value in Starship Warp Core Efficiency, and more importantly the power levels themselves aren't raised. And yes, I understand it's only supposed to help at low levels, but in the past, Efficient Captain or two Efficient BOs would give you 26/25, now 25/25 (ie no change).

Warp Core Theorist got nerfed to give only about half it's power levels. Before WCT alone offerred 51/50 and 27/25. Now 50/50 and 26/25.

Techie used to help with ship repairs. It should just improve Starship Hull Repair, but instead, for some reason now buffs Electro-Plasma System. But even that appears to not be working. The UI still only shows 100% PTR and when testing energy shifting the timing doesn't appear any better. Please put it back to Hull Repair, or at least fix the PTR affect.

Astrophysicist got a nerf and a bug too. It used to help with Deflectors, Sensors, and Emitter -based skills, now only helps two of them by apparent design, though only the Sensors one shows up as being applied to the Captain's skills in the UI.

And lastly, I was disappointed to see Leadership still appears bugged ("still" as in since Game Launch). It's supposed to grant "20% faster damage and subsystem repair", but has no/never had any visible affect on any powers or stats in the UI or while playing. And on BOs it's still listed as a Ground Trait (even on the new Veteran BO, which I find particularlly amusing).

Your help in squashing these bugs is appreciated!