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12-02-2011, 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Enterprise-D View Post
That 12th fleet is actually us.

We had the fleet and site up and running 6-7 months before the game went live.
We had in game fleet in Open beta and we re-created the fleet during the 1st few minutes of headstart so I seriously doubt there is another 12th Fleet in game that is older than ours.

I'm also pretty sure that the UFP that is currently in game is the same as the one you see on that list and share a similar story as the 12th.

Thankfully we haven't been renamed by this and it has been confirmed that the issue where some fleets are blocked from fleet searches will get fixed soon.
lol..Ok, well, shoots that idea down...donno, then.
It occured to me while reading the post and I offered it as a possible answer since there seems to be no other answers.