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12-02-2011, 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by Mazimer
/deal with it.

honestly, i pvp with a lot of keybinds and i have 15 slots in the gui still empty, i really don't see how you'd POSSIBLY need 30 + 12 boff stations

what i use:

4 transwarps
diplo immunity
quantum slipstream
borg tractor
6 captain skills - brace, evasives, alpha, tac initiative, FOMM, GDF, tac fleet
fleet support, ramming, self destruct

i rly don't think u'd need more...

add 3 mvam separation slots and 2 pay-to-win consoles...

thats still 8 or 7 free slots left...
I can't post a screen shot at the moment, but here's what I typically use on my 3x10 button array:

Row-1: Dist Shields, Dampening Field, AP-Omega3, CRF2, CRF1, TSS2, HYT3, Red Matter Capacitor, BFI3, Tractor Beam

Row-2: EPS1, EPTS2, HE1, MVAM-A, MVAM-B. MVAM-G, Tac-Team1, Tac-Team1, Sci-Team2, Engine Battery

Row-3: Sensor Scan, Subnuc, Science Fleet, Photonic Fleet, Fleet Support, Evasive, Ramming Speed, Impulse Capacitor, Quantum SlipStream, Transwarp ESD

Currently not mapped: Borg Set Tractor Beam

I typically do not use the BO portrait button mappings due to the amount of extra mouse travel required to get to them. I prefer to simply hit buttons 3 -> 7 for quick alpha strike set-ups, and manual mouse clicks for rows 2 and 3. A 4th button row option, or extending the row length from 10 to 12, would definitely help. Yes, I could relocate the Officer Trays closer to the master 3x10 tray, but that still requires extra mouse movement that delays user reaction times.

Another viable option: create a new tray that automatically contains mappings for consoles, batteries, and set-powers.