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# 1 A comment about RAs...
12-02-2011, 11:25 PM
You know what's not fun? Not being able to fight back. Feeling like even trying is pointless (dare I say it, futile).

A typical experience of a RA is...

Fly in, Sheild Drained. Hazard Emitters. Immediately Shield Drained again.
Tractored (by 6 ships), Polarize Hull. Immediately Tractored as it wears off.

Approach Unimatrix. Oneshotted. Rspawn, oneshotted. Respawn, oneshotted. Repeat 26 more times.
The thing was doing over 400k damage per shot.
The Plasma Spread is oneshotting us, and there's no way to stop it, no way to avoid it. It's a guaranteed kill, as is the giant plasma ball, and it spams them endlessly (along with 20 probes, all of which are tractoring you and draining your shields constantly).

Even the old original Enterprise in TMP was able to withstand one of the big plasma balls without damage, and THAT was from V'Ger, which was vastly more powerful.

Either way, it's not much fun when you can't even get a chance to fight back. If you ask me, something needs to be adjusted.