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12-03-2011, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I would just like a certain level of ship costume cross-over to better specialzie the look of my vessels, so as to draw parts from amybe not all ships but definately parts from the same class of ships.
Excuse me.. you play KDF.. nobody cares what you want.. *runs and hides*

But seriously, if they did that for KDF (which, while the ships tend to be more similar in their lines) they'd have to do that for Feds, because you *know* there'd be an outcry. Then, there would be quite a few frankenships. Regardless, while I do want more customization for KDF ships, they're still *different classes* (the T3 is not the T4 is not the T5) and until the KDF get more than just one Refit (the Vor'cha), I don't see them allowing multiple tiers to use the same costume, nor would I *want* that. Some of the ships would look stupid, IMO, if they could grab parts from earlier ships.

Plus, where would you stop it? As of right now (for instance), the K'T'ingas are separate and distinct costumes (no swappabel parts) and if they did get them, would you really want to see a K'T'inga saucer/neck on a Negh'var? I wouldn't. it would look absurd.