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12-03-2011, 06:13 AM
Agree with the OP on some things but on others...

Originally Posted by supreme_heretic View Post
I use batteries like once in a blue moon. No reason I should have to waste SP's to make them better.
Well, I use batteries quite often, and being in a position to invest points to make them better suits me. And you're right - there *IS* no reason you have to "waste" points. You can just chose not to.

Signs/Lighting on faction HQ hubs - Sorry Cryptic, but ESD and Qo'Nos look like a steaming pile of monkeycrap. Stop catering to the these new F2P nubcakes and go back to something that doesn't burn our eye sockets out and looks like a day care.
I don't think it looks awful, but then I don't think it's much of an improvement.

Dilithium Economy and Dilithium Exchange - Sorry, but on this one I say the dilithium economy sucks and I always will. I know it's your source of revenue now, but it will be the one thing that kills your game, so enjoy making money off it while you can.
I still don't really understand the complaints here; I'm much happier with Dilithium than I ever was with the hodge-podge mess of currencies we had before.

Calling this thing "Season 5" - Really guys? Nothing episode wise, and a few new features doesn't constitute a season. If you would've just called it the F2P update, it would've been better instead of insulting the intelligence by saying it's a season.
Why is this even an issue? The Defera invasion, the DOFF system, a bunch of other significant improvements... this Season update has just as much - if not more - user-facing content as any other season.