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12-03-2011, 06:48 AM
They aren't fun but it's not because they are too hard. They aren't fun because they are Borg enough. Resistance isn't even close to futile. The only thing I can imagine would make it bad would be a team that didn't do their jobs or a team of "level synced" low tier ship captains.

Tractor Beams have counters like polarize hull and Attack Pattern Omega. You can counter with a Tractor Beam Repulsor to get yourself some space. Jam Sensors breaks tractor beams too but only for one target.

The Shield Neutralizer should be Over Powered but I think it could use a change. It should only drain a percentage of your shields per hit. Or better yet, it should just drain part, or all, of the shield facing it hits. Stop the drain over time and apply a single instant drain per hit. Then Hazard Emitters wouldn't be the only thing you can use against it which increases tactical options and makes battles much more dynamic and fun.

Also, that ball of static is targetable so... you know, shoot it. Brace for impact works wounders too.

There shouldn't be so many Cubes, only one huge nasty Cube. Get rid of this V'ger silliness and include some assimilated ships!