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12-03-2011, 07:40 AM
Originally Posted by supreme_heretic View Post
Skill tree - I was honestly thinking it would blow, but the new skill tree at least allows freedom of using a few different weapon/energy combos and not feeling like you're taking an ungodly hit from speccing too thin. I like that, but there are a few completely idiotic skills to spec into, like batteries. C'mon, really? I use batteries like once in a blue moon. No reason I should have to waste SP's to make them better.
If you don't want to buff them then don't. If you put no points in there you get the basic 10 second duration but if you put points there you increase the duration of the power level increase. Personally I go through Aux batteries like a fat kid goes through chocolate so I love this particular skill.

Signs/Lighting on faction HQ hubs - Sorry Cryptic, but ESD and Qo'Nos look like a steaming pile of monkeycrap. Stop catering to the these new F2P nubcakes and go back to something that doesn't burn our eye sockets out and looks like a day care.
I actually really like the new signs on ESD. The lighting is a lot better looking as well IMO but I guess this kind of thing is relative.

Dilithium Economy and Dilithium Exchange - Sorry, but on this one I say the dilithium economy sucks and I always will. I know it's your source of revenue now, but it will be the one thing that kills your game, so enjoy making money off it while you can.
I kind of like the DIlithium economy. Just by playing the game you can easily pick up the Dilithium you need and although the 8k per day limit will limit the rate of acquisition of the high end gear I kind of like that too. But then I always thought it was far too easy to get what was supposed to be end game gear.