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12-03-2011, 09:02 AM
This should all now be accurate for season 5. I didn't get into comparisons between season 4 versions and season 5 versions of powers but there have been a lot of changes. Many powers were altered, either weakened or strengthened in the change. Some are more or less the same.

There are no consoles that buff subspace decompilers. You skill it up or you are SOL.

Tractor beam 3 and charged particle burst 3 now only found on BOFFs. So far I have found TB 3 on blue BOFFs and CPB on purple (thanks to dozens and dozens of unclaimed new officer missions on my many alts).

Most powers that are trainable require rank 6. However the team powers including science team require 9 since they are in the unaltered ground tree. Good luck with finding skill points for that.