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12-03-2011, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by CmdrSkyfaller
Aux also is 50% of the subsystem targetting abilities.

The boxes that are highlighted when you select subsystem beam attack highlight beam weapons and sensors. All sensor abilities in the game are boosted by aux power.

Ive tested this on my science ship and the success rate of the native attack to completely bring down a system is greatly increased whe. Both your aux and wep power are at high levels.

That is definitely not reflected in the tooltip if it is true.

If someone wants to run a statistical analysis and get back to me on that, I'll put it in, but otherwise I have no way to confirm if that is true or not. As far as the tooltip tells us, it is a fixed chance that scales with rank, 20% at rank 1, 30% for rank 2, and 40% for rank 3 versions.