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12-03-2011, 12:12 PM
Originally Posted by AceJim View Post
I have a question regarding Performance skillls. For example if I have 9 ranks (the maximum) on Shield Performance but I also have a console which is +5 shield performance. Would it stack or would I get no additional benefit as shield performance is already maxed out. In such a case, would it be better for me to only invest in 4 ranks on shield performance skill and use the console to get 9 ranks of shield performance?
Sorry for taking so long to respond. I've been taking a break from the drama of the F2P testing.

You have a misunderstanding of skill ranks and skill bonuses and ship equipment. Each rank in a skill will grant a certain amount of skill bonus per rank. Assuming the skill bonuses hasn't changed recently. Rank 1 in a skill add +18% skill bonus, rank 2 add another +18% (+36% tota), rank 3 add +18% (+56% total), rank 4 add +10% (+66% total), etc. Skill Bonus is the number that is directly affects Captain and Bridge Officer abilities and ship stats.

Ship consoles and equipment add to skill bonus not still rank. From your example with Shield Performance of Rank 9 (+99% skill bonus) and a +5 Shield Performance from Ship Equipment, you will have a Shield Performance skill bonus total of +104% skill bonus. To answer you question, if you want to mini-max Shield Performance, you'll want 9 ranks in addition to any other Shiled Performance skill bonuses you can get.

As to updating my Power Guide, I've been waiting until the new space skills changes set into place, more or less. It looks like the cement is almost set. So it looks like my updates will be coming soon.