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# 1 New Chracter Problems
12-03-2011, 03:08 PM
Hiya all, i haven't played for a while and when i saw the duty officer feature, i jumped on and i like it, it makes me feel abit more in the star trek universe, but the problem is now that the gear for your ship is rather poorly implemented.

I mean you can't buy any Mk IIs or Mk IVs and so on white quality items anyway for energy credits, besides the Exchange that is and that place is WAY overpriced.

So right now as it stands, the only way to get that rank of gear when you need it, is to just play enough to get more dilithium and repeat the 3hr cooldown 3 system mission and still it will take a LONG time to get the gear you need.

Which means, you will have to spend hours, upon hours doing this single mission, over and over and over again to make sure you have enough dilithium for the gear of the ranks that follow, which means, you will be leveling up via that way and being over-leveled for the real episodes.

So, beyond doing crafting, which i find absolutely boring beyond belief.....never liked crafting in any game, you are stuck with gear your ship gets when you get them, which isn't a good thing at all.

I wouldn't be surprised if cryptic released a item for more dilithium in the c-store for x amount of real life money, because doing a mission once every 3hrs for a pitiful amount of dilithium is really not a good thing.