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12-03-2011, 04:37 PM
Having Sisko in a flashback episode like the ones with McCoy and Scotty would be pretty cool to see. Maybe even a new Dax on DS9 handing out missions

not to be mean, put they should go ahead and pay the big money to these actors to do voice overs for there character now while they are still alive!!! It'll pay off in the long run

here are some idea for using them in different aspects of the game. Mainly giving advice on things

Sisko in a flashback episode
Piccard for advice on diplomacy missions
Kira for Bajoran and Prophets type stuff
Janeway or 7of9 for Borg or Undine threats
Bashir the new head of section 31
Odo for Dominion threats
Garak for Cardassian info
The Doctor or Vic Fontaine for Holodeck missions
O'Brian or Laforge for ship design or engineering questions
Quark for info on anything!

it may cost a lot, but the pay off will be worth it in the long run,