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12-03-2011, 04:22 PM
They can get around the whole likeness issue and they don't need to cast Avery Brooks to do the voice. They can get whoever voices Sisko in "Deep Space Nine: The Fallen," if they really need a voice actor. He sounded close.

The McCoy and Scotty in the Dividian series looked nothing like DeForest Kelly or Jame Doohan... But we as Star Trek fans accepted them as this games incarnation of them.

For Sisko, all you need is a balled black man with a beard and dressed in the TNG movie era uniform with the correct combadge and he'll do.

Mr. Brooks may or may not sign off on his likeness, and he may or may not voice the character. But he does not OWN the character, CBS does. And if they want to give Cryptic their blessing to use the character, Cryptic could invite Mr. Brooks to get involved. If he finally elects to lend his voice to the role, and allows his likeness, then it would be awesome. But like I said, they don't have to have his involvement or his likeness to adequately portray the character for the game's purposes.