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12-03-2011, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by Rafeism
Ok, I thought I had seem several on the T5's but I guess I was mistaken. For the record they're not "differerent classes", rather different tier ship.
In any case it would be nice to apply these new skins to t5 variants who share the same frames to begin with, much like the T4 Venture and Bellorphon Ships skin apply to thier refits at t5, obviously qin and Hegh'ta's are not refits, but again shouldn't matter, frames are almost identical. Just gone two years w/o bop or raptor skins, and the ones we get are for t4 ? . With how quickly leveling progression can go at cpt rank, one would probably not spend more than a few days at most at T4, so its just kind of a waste to me. The powers are nice, but the lack of skin options at t5 for bops and raptors is sad. Heck, the t5 defiant refit now has 4 skin choices! the t5 bop? two...and those have been around since launch
I'll agree that the KDF ships should get more skins. But saying you should be able to use the Ch'Ting skin on the Hegh'Ta is like saying you should be able to use the Galaxy saucer on the Sovereign. They might both be cruisers, but they're completely different ships. Same thing with the Raptors and Birds of Prey. They might look similar and be in the same 'class', but they're not the same ships or even variants of each other.

The reason the Belerophon, Sao Paulo, and Venture work on T5 ships as well, is because, those *are* the same ships.. the T5 version just has extra powers. Right now, there are *no* KDF Retrofits. There's only one Refit, the Vorcha, and the T4 skins *do* work on the T5 version of it. If ever the KDF gets T5 retrofits of T4 ships, I'm certain the T4 skins will *also* work on them, just like the T4 skins work on the T5 retrofits of Federation ships.