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12-03-2011, 05:19 PM
Originally Posted by Eagledraco
One thing I could not figure out is the Critical Chance & Severity Stats. . . . Maybe those stat displays are bugged?
Hi Eagle,

Not bugged; the Devs just never supplied us with any readout for the effects of Energy and Projectile Weapon Specializations on critical hit chances in the User Interface. The existing readout is only for total critical hit chances, so it does not register when you raise only part of the total by increasing only energy or kinetic critical hit chances. I suspect the Devs felt this information was not "critical" for us to have.

A work around for figuring out the bonus could be done spending an hour or so on Tribble shooting things, and then using a combat log parser to compare results with full specialization and without. However, that is a little too involved for me. I am holding out hope that grassroots calls for critical hit energy and kinetic readouts will inspire the Devs to add them to the UI.

Thanks for the positive feedback.