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12-03-2011, 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by Korhil
You will never achieve this. Especially not if you are a Science captain. Engineers can get close to what they were pre season 5 and Tactical won't notice a huge difference but Science are boned.

The problem is a number of skills are now not boosted by anything in the skill tree. Or even if they are only aspects of the skill is effected. e.g. Sensor scan says its boosted by Sensors. Makes sense. However the Sensors skill only boosts the stealth debuff aspect of the skill and not the damage reduction. Overall a huge nerf to the ability (about 30% reduced effectiveness) . And Sensor Scan isn't the only skill to suffer this treatment.

After leveling a new character in under 9 hours im glad I got the full 9 respecs to play with. Might eventually get a build im happy with. However there are no spare points for ground skills if you want to be half way decent in space.
Yup I'm trying to do this on my sci. Hmm well guess I'm hosed. I was able to get to trainer level on all the science space abilities. And I was able to get things like turn rate, shield strength, hull strength, impulse speed, etc the same or better as I had prior to S5.

I was able to put the same amount of points into ground as I did previously. I'm a decent but not maxed healer but nothing into the 3rd skill that enhances Exothermic Induction Field.

I have no idea if putting 6 into a space skill to become a trainer equals putting 9 into that skill on the old system. I haven't tested or investigated that yet but my guess is no, I'm probably weaker now.