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12-03-2011, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by Eagledraco
I have no idea if putting 6 into a space skill to become a trainer equals putting 9 into that skill on the old system. I haven't tested or investigated that yet but my guess is no, I'm probably weaker now.
Yeah you need to put 9/9 in a skill now to get 75% of the effectiveness you used to get with 9/9 in all 3 skills pre season 5.

Don't ask why but thats the maths that was stated by Cryptic back when the new skill tree appeared on tribble. Since then it may have been increased slightly but 9/9 is still nowhere near what you had before and costs 50% more skill points.

Personally I hate the new tree. Its way too restrictive. In order to fly my escort with an engineer and have enough skill points to get its power levels to a decent standard I had to spec OUT of torpedos completely and 0/9 in aux performance.

Sure the old tree limited us to 1 damage type (which we still are thanks to the consoles for specific damage types being +24% and specific weapon types only being +18%) and we used to only be able to fly 1 ship at a time but the new system makes it so hard to spec into all the skills that used to be "must haves" and are even more important now.