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12-03-2011, 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by Destinii
I'll agree that the KDF ships should get more skins. But saying you should be able to use the Ch'Ting skin on the Hegh'Ta is like saying you should be able to use the Galaxy saucer on the Sovereign. They might both be cruisers, but they're completely different ships. Same thing with the Raptors and Birds of Prey. They might look similar and be in the same 'class', but they're not the same ships or even variants of each other.

The reason the Belerophon, Sao Paulo, and Venture work on T5 ships as well, is because, those *are* the same ships.. the T5 version just has extra powers. Right now, there are *no* KDF Retrofits. There's only one Refit, the Vorcha, and the T4 skins *do* work on the T5 version of it. If ever the KDF gets T5 retrofits of T4 ships, I'm certain the T4 skins will *also* work on them, just like the T4 skins work on the T5 retrofits of Federation ships.
Missed my point I think. I don't know the name of the T5 BoP variant, its not called the Hegh"ta tho, and they look exactly the same in their build. You're talking about academic distinctions that mean little to nothing cozied up to the fact that both the raptor skin, and the BoP (t5 bop second variant, not heghta) would work on their t5 counterparts. There is no situation fed side where lower tier ships of such similarity have better skins than that of thier T5 counterparts, thanks in part to the refit system. I'm well aware that they're not the SAME ships, what I'm sayin is that the models are nearly identical in thier hardpoints/build/frame and it'd be grand to use them as a skin. My chief complaint here is that you'll get days out of these skins, and its kind of worthless when kdf has soo few skins at t5 level. just sux is all. Fed side has a few ships that are only t1-4, but when it comes to constumes, feds have more store options that can be upgraded to thier t5 refits...the fact that the kdf doesn't have any refits ( -the vorcha )isn't an excuse so much as its adding insult to injury (would love some kdf refits!) . So however you want to spin this into a way that works, it'd be nice to have more options for kdf at T5, and this would be easy in the short term.

EDIT: the T5 BoP variant is called the Haj . Compare the Haj to the Ch'tang. The ch'tang looks like the progression of the Haj, except that its at t4 rank rather than the opposite. Thats all I'm saying, wasted at its tier, as the Haj is ugly in comparison, but yet the next tier, the upgrade is from this cool ship into this old n busted looking thing?? So devs, Allow the Ch'tang pieces to be used on the Haj, thanks!