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12-04-2011, 12:03 AM
The DS9 "revamp" is a huge disappointment (we should probably be use to that by now). They have been talking about the DS9 revamp for months now and all they did was change the lighting, some textures and add some minor objects. Sure, Ops looks better and the Commanders office is a nice big empty room, but other than that...

It's still ridiculously huge, inside and out.
The viewer in Ops shows a frozen image of the wormhole.
That ugly brown nebula still surrounds the station.
You still beam onto the Promenade not Ops.
They took away the shutters that separate Quarks from the Promenade, but replaced them with a solid wall.
It's still empty, and devoid of life, most of the NPC's that are supposed to be sitting in chairs or benches stand on them instead.

And so many other things, that just make it look unpleasant.

After those child drawn signs on ESD, and so many new graphical glitches and bugs on Qo'nos it's almost as if Cryptic is trying to make the social areas look bad.

Oh yeah we still have clones of three of our Bridge Officers sitting on our bridges.