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12-04-2011, 02:48 AM
Originally Posted by P_Sutherland
my current mk XI stuff is better than the X and on equal with the XI ground m.a.c.o junk.
Same here. My gear is on par with the Mk XI gear. I wouldn't mind if it was new additions to missions, but all they've done is make the borg cheap one shotters. Infected used to be the easiest, but since the update i haven't been able to beat the last room, even on normal. Too many poeple get too many injuries so our efforts are pretty much wasted. Space missions on Elite, and KA Ground on elite i've done fine, but for some reason it's just that one last fight in the Infected where i'm being hit from clear across the room by multiple borg, and for what? two chips.... maybe another 2 of a different kind if i'm lucky. Still no sign of prototype gear which is really the only reason i've been playing on elite.