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Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
I agree with this assement. In addition, when groups come together, their assest are often pooled until the older designs are phased out. Standardisation takes time, especially when thsoe groups have dramatically divergent priorities and motivations.

In a different thread there was also another question raised that directly plays into your desription of standardisation and priority.
There, some people asked why at low levels (when the KDF actually had them) everyone was flying around in Birds of Prey.
One of the reasons for the current predominance of Klingon ships is of course availability, or perhaps even ubiquity.
Klingons, as the major partner of the alliance, are most likley blessed with the highest production capacity.
Not to mention that the Gorn probably lost a lot of ships in their conflict with the Klingons and would probably conentrate on production of high priority ships.
Other ships can easily be obtained from the Klingons.
It's not too different from alliances between major and smaller powers in RL.
Result is of course that the KDF ends up as a rather "colourful bunch" with Gorn and Nausicaans flying Klingon ships for example.