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12-04-2011, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
Some things Ive discovered;

Subsystem repair is still worthless as far as i can tell. (Tier 2)

Stun/Tractor/Shockwave/etc Resistance seems pretty useless as well. Im still being thrown out 13km with repulsors and tractor friction seems the same. (Tier 4)

Unless someone has better practical experience with it, I've ditched those things already. Should make it somewhat easier for all

But don't be discouraged to take your friends and 1v1 them and test stuff out on tribble with respeccing etc. See if it makes any difference for you.
thanks for the info MT, keep it coming. here goes 2 more respecs for me based off this info, as i sprinkled a few points there, hesitantly, to see if maybe they worked. i took everything back out of subsys repair after the first day, obviously they just moved the same broken slot from teir4 to teir2. as for the rest...well, i was hoping for at least something.